Creative rut got you down?

As a business owner or someone in client work, you may find yourself in a creative rut. 

This may happen once a month or twice a year but, its certain to happen. If you think this is a crazy statement and are always on your 'A game' please tell us your secret.

Whether you work at home, in a corporate office or in the kitchen the way you start your day can have everything to do with the outcome of your work.

Here are a few ways to keep you on point throughout your week:

1. Get yourself in a routine

I work at home and have a young child so, having a routine is crucial to capitalizing on my work day. I start my day with reading scripture, praying with my husband, feeding my son and getting to work by 9:15-30 when H goes down for his first nap. Before having H my routine looked MUCH different. 

2. Block out 'You Time'

Whether you have 5, 10 or 60 min to yourself. Go on a walk, listen to a podcast or work on a personal project. In that blocked out time, do what makes you happy. Google had a policy that their employees spent 80% of their time on core projects and 20% of their time on personal projects. This is how Gmail was created, one of their employees spent their personal innovative time developing something beneficial to their business. Don't think that if you aren't a creative or engineer type that this doesn't pertain to you. Whether or not this stuck with Google at their headquarters or not, the point of the goal is to help you in your personal growth and if that is a benefit to your area of business then keep on pursuit. 

3. Find a project management tool or use the one your company uses

The need to have order in our lives stems back to preschool, even if you are a chaotic type you still may find yourself at fault to this. You show up to preschool, your teacher makes you put your bag in your 'cubby', sit at your assigned desk and listen up. Though a lot of us have lost the putting our stuff away and some may have forgotten how to listen but, we still find ourselves sitting in the same spot in the meeting room, kitchen table or maybe even at a restaurant. 

Here are a few tools that I have tried and enjoy:

1. Trello 
2. Asana 
3. Basecamp
4. Teamwork

4. Keep track of hours and Invoice quick

This one is catered more towards those who are off on their own but, your time is valuable. You may have gone to school for what you are doing and that alone should hold you true to your value. We all start somewhere and don't make a whole lot at first but, continuing to move forward in your industry will help appreciate your works value.

I hope this helps start your routine and gives you the confidence to move forward in your day.

You are valuable and your contribution your business is admirable.