Powers Band Artwork

CD ARTWORK Digest // 

I had the opportunity to help out a local band outside of Idaho with album artwork and some swag for a concert in early fall 2016. I had a lot of fun with some hand lettering with one of their EP's "honey". Love the concept of melding the "Power Symbol" with their branding. A little fun fact, Dan and Shelley Powers have the symbol tattooed on their wrist.

A little about the Powers band // 

The Powers band started with Dan and Shelley Powers and grew into a band with 5 other members. They explain their genre being folk, indie and country. They are wonderful people and their music will not dissapoint. Sam and I really enjoy working on projects with them.

Branded Swag //

Artwork: Shayla McGhee
Photos: Sam McGhee

Shayla McGhee