How to choose the right marketing automation

For over five years I managed and worked inside of marketing automation systems, CRM's, etc., etc.

To overcome my frustrations with the systems, I have decided to write down a few cheat sheet items that would help others be more successful with their tools. First of all, just like a pair of underwear, most systems are almost identical.

Just like that pair of underwear, it just depends on the fabric or how good the business is at marketing their product. Also, the breathability of the underwear or in marketing automation terms, the usability of the tool and how easy it is to customize.

How do you find the best marketing automation system for your organization?

1. How big is your team? How big is your customer list? 

2. What is your budget? 

3. How much time do you have to dedicate to email marketing? 

4. Do you want usability or customization? Most of the time, these don't go hand in hand. If you have a team creating your templates

Lastly, just like that clean brand new pair of underwear, your system will start out with much promise. Throughout time, you will probably end up with some stains and find yourself back at the drawing board if you don't manage your system correctly. 

Shayla McGhee