Does Social Media work?

Yes, yes it does.  

When executed effectively social media can really boost your viewership. This is the same reason why websites are necessary for your business. Having a point of reference that is available to pitch your business to those you can't always touch face-to-face.

Some of the most effective new business ventures have caught me on social media. Probably because I fit into the age and interest category and because I'm highly interested in internet marketing. Thats besides the point... Did I mention I love Amazon? ;) 

Tips for Social Media Ads

1. Keywords are everything

Pose Ads with simple enticing headlines that pitch your business but draw the user into wanting to click. Don't inundate people with information that takes forever to read. This is especially true if they click through and are served the same information. 

Use numbers such as "Top 10 products" or "1 Day Only" and grab your audience with tagline like "Best Product on the Market" "Voted #1 by New York Times". 

2. Imagery

If you've ever used Facebook Ads, you know that you are limited to the amount of text you can have on your image. This is very smart of Facebook.

I think even more important is the type of photo you choose, whether it be a stock or a custom image. Make sure your image portrays what you want it to but leaves a lot of space for the viewers eyes to see. Be straight and to the point. Use limited amount of colors on your text. Simple rule of thumb is, stick to two. 

3. Incentive

Have a clear incentive. I can't tell you how many times I've put ads or campaigns together without incentive and how much less effective they are compared to the ones that have incentive.

4. Appeal to you audience 

I think this goes without saying but, make your ads to cater to your target audience.